What is your photography style?
Our photography style is usually defined as Illustrative Wedding Photography, something that includes elements of both traditional and photojournalistic wedding photography. We start from reality, keeping things very simple and clean, but we mix it with the shooter’s artistic license. Our photographer gives helpful posing directions to the couple and directs the photoshoot always trying to do the best to make them comfortable and at ease. Our aim is to create a gallery of shots always unique, artistic and timeless.

How many photographers do you usually provide for weddings?
We usually provide two photographers on the wedding day but the the number can change depending on your request.

How many photographers do you usually provide for weddings?
We usually provide two photographers on the wedding day but the the number can change depending on your request.

Will you be the photographer on our wedding day?
I’m the official photographer in all weddings I work for, supported by another photographer of my team.

Do you usually cover both bride and groom getting ready?
The Getting Ready is an important and memorable moment of your wedding and we usually photograph both bride and groom This is a funny chapter of the wedding photo story: the bride putting on her veil, the groom putting on his cufflinks. But this choice is up to you.

Do you usually stay with us also during the wedding party?
Of course. I stay with you from the very beginning of the day till the end, during both ceremony and party.
I don’t want to miss anything of the wedding, especially those funny moments happening during the party.

Will you give us all the photo files of the wedding shooting?
I usually give the couple three CDs (included in the main price) with the best photographs of the day, accurately selected and altered with the best photo-editing software. The pictures are given in high resolution and you are free to get them printed in my studio or anywhere else you like.

How many photo files do you usually give to customers?
I usually try to give a number of photographs between 200 and 600, depending on the wedding photo shooting we made.

Are photos taken with digital cameras?
All the photos are taken with high-quality digital cameras such as Nikon D4s and Nikon D810.

Do you charge any travel fees when you move from your ordinary location?
It depends on the package deal you choose. There are no extra travel fees if your wedding photoshoot location is in Tuscany.

How do you usually create the wedding album?
I usually create the album trying to satisfy your desires, request and needs. It should represent you and your story as much as possible.

Do you usually choose the photos for the album?
The selection of the photographs is up to you, but I always give tips and suggestions to get the best result in terms of quality.

How many photos can be included in the album?
Wedding albums represent personal stories and they are different from one another. This is the reason why it is impossible to give an exact number of photos to include in your album. The layout of the album is an important matter and we do pay a lot of attention in order to create an elegant and interesting storytelling of your wedding.

Can we have a preview of the album before printing it?
Of course you can. We always show the couple a preview of the album before printing it, just in case there’s something to change. It’s your wedding, your love story and your album . We always want to get the best of it.

How long does it take to get the photographs of the wedding (photo files)?
I usually try to give you everything as soon as I can. I generally give out the photos within 6 months from the date of the wedding.

When is it suggested to book the photo shoot?
It is suggested to book the photo shoot at least ten months before to have the chance of joining one of our offer. But if we are available, you can contact us also one week before.

How can we pay?
You can pay in the way you prefer. We accept cash, bank transfer or cheques.

Do you need a deposit to confirm the photo shoot?
Yes, I do. We usually ask for a 20% deposit. The rest is paid when we deliver the album to you and the task is completed.

Do the photographers have to join the lunch or the dinner including a sit-down meal?
This aspect depends on you. If you would like to have a detailed photo shoot, you should consider to have the photographer also during the party. It is not necessary for them to sit at a table but you should inform us in order to organise everything.