Feedbacks and reviews

Milo and Ilaria

Diego and Giovanni put us at ease, they are really friendly, professional and helpful. It was like spending a day with two old friends of ours, directing and supporting us to take amazing pictures.

Umberto and Nancy

I found out Diego through his website. I really recommend him to everyone looking for a high standard photo shoot for their special day. Not only he is very helpful but also honest and amazing person. We had so much fun during the photo shoot. We never felt embarassed in front of the camera, even during my getting ready, because he always put me at ease making me laugh and joke. His staff is amazing too. Many guests paid me compliments about the pictures. I am very happy and satisfied about my choice. I couldn’t wait to see my album which was ready in about one month (I know people waiting for theirs for one year and half). Diego and his staff were everything I wanted for my special day.

Francesco and Francesca

I’m sure he is the best wedding photographer in the whole Tuscany. He is professional, helpful, prepared and earnest. He has got a very high-quality staff, being prepared and not making you feel embarassed in front of the camera. I really recommend him!

Leonardo and Cecilia

The photo shoot was excellent, flexible and extremely professional. The quality of the service is based on customer satisfaction. We can confirm a true attention to details during the whole day.

Giovanni and Elisa

Professional and high quality photographer. He made his best to get natural looking portraits. He knows how to play with light and shadow in an elegant way and he produced very evocative photographs. Highly recommended.

Vito and Romina

We highly recommend DG Photographer to anyone who is getting married next year. Our album is wonderful and they made a brilliant job. The service is available for a lots of different location in Tuscany and in Italy and the price/quality ratio is very good and well balanced.

Andrea and Ramona

We are very satisfied about the wedding photo shoot. I really would like to thank Diego and his team because they made a great job. Congratulations!

Roberto and Laura

Choosing the photographer of our wedding was the hardest part because we consider the photo shoot as a gift to our little child who joined the ceremony and the getting ready. We were looking for professional photographer and we were lucky to find out Quadricromia. We really wish them all the success in their professional life

Andrea and Ilaria

We met the guys by chance and we soon found out they were very willing and professional. Diego helped us from the very beginning till the end, paying attention to everything I need (including wedding favors and decorations). He was my guardian angel. I recommend him again and again. Thank you Diego.

Massimiliano and Elisabetta

I really recommend DG Photographer to anyone getting married. They are very helpful and professional.. Diego really loves his job and he is very flexible in terms of place and time. His aim is to make customers happy and he can also give you advice about the wedding locations.

He arranged us several meeting at the chosen location before the wedding. We really liked the photographs and our album completely satisfied our request.

Gino and Jessica

I recommend Diego Giusti for many reasons. He is professional, reliable, helpful and creative. He really helped us with the design. Really funny guy that make you comfortable and at ease. We couldn’t have a better hotographer.

Ettore and Anna

Reliability and professionality were the two main ingredients to make the wedding planning time easier and funny. We really liked his job because we got married in September and by Christmas time we already had the album in our hands.

Satya and Sharon

Diego and his staff were very professional, enthusiastic and helpful. He could impress the most memorable moments of our wedding with a photographic style that mixes innovation and tradition. Diego is really funny, expert and capable of creating a connection with us. We recommend him, especially if you’re looking for a careful photographer.

Leonardo and Flavia

Highly qualified staff and really nice people. They are very accommodating and they do the best to get the most memorable photographs during the wedding. They produced a great album and they made it in a short time. I really recommend this photo studio.

Adriano and Sonia

They gave us advice about anything. He helped us a lot and he was there every step of the way to guide us towards stunning photographs and natural poses. I am really satisfied with them.

Leandro and Elena

Professional photographer with a good price/quality ratio. Useful tips to choose the location of our wedding. Diego is very flexible and he tries to grant every wish and request to make your wedding day wonderful.

Simone and Rosi

Diego and his team are professional and accurate. After three months we got all the photos and the album. He really helped us in planning the wedding and I’d like to underline that he was very able to collaborate with other people involved in the organisation.

Victor and Valentina

Diego is a good and professional photographer but also a genuinely good guy. He helped us with some other aspects of the wedding such as the design of the tableau. Always kind and helpful. He was the best we can have for our wedding.